Using Dr K Products


Beard Care Products:

Dr K's range of all natural beard care products will keep your beard in great shape. Start with Dr K's Beard Soap to clean and refresh. Follow with an intensive conditioning oil - Dr K Beard Tonic. And for styling and locking in moisture finish off with Dr K's Beard Balm. Sorted!

  1. Shake products before use to ensure they are well mixed.
  2. Wash beard with Beard Soap as you would wash your hair in the shower or bath.
  3. After showering/bathing, partially dry beard, then apply a spray or two of Beard Tonic to hands, rub hands together to distribute, and work through moist beard and onto skin beneath. Do try to get the oil right down to the skin, as this is where it has maximum conditioning and protective effects.
  4. You will need to experiment with tonic amount: too much oil may be leave the beard a bit greasy.
    Top Tip: 1-2 sprays is typically adequate for a 4 to 6 week beard.
  5. If using Beard Balm, warm a small amount between fingers, then apply in the same way as Beard Tonic, but focusing more on the tips of the hair. Work Balm or Tonic through beard by combing/brushing and style as desired.

       Instructions are also available on the products

Shaving Products:

  1. Remove packaging from Dr K Shaving Soap and insert (squeeze) into small bowl, cup or mug.
  2. Fill basin with hot water, splash small amount of water on shaving soap – this will pre-soften it for use.
  3. Submerge shaving brush in hot water and soak for a minute or so. While brush is soaking, wet beard thoroughly – use of hot water is essential.
  4. Optional: Rub a spray or two of Dr K’s Shaving Oil into wet beard. Shaving Oil aids by lubricating during the shaving process and provides a protective layer during and after shaving.
  5. Remove brush from water, shake out excess water.
  6. Pour water off shaving soap.
  7. Load the brush: Using light pressure, move around soap in circles, picking up soap on bristles. No need to build excessive lather– this will be achieved on beard.
  8. Once bristles are covered, work brush over beard, building rich and creamy lather. If water is needed, take up a small amount and continue lathering. The total lathering time should be around 1 minute to ensure thorough coverage, thickness ("cushion"), opening of skin pores and softening of beard hair.
  9. Shave using your favourite razor. Use either quick 1-pass method (shaving vertically down, or with the grain, over entire beard) or 3-pass method: for 1st pass, shave vertically down (with the grain); for 2nd pass shave vertically up (against the grain); for 3rd pass shave horizontally. Lather face with foam from previously loaded shaving brush between each pass.
  10. Splash face with cold water after shaving to close pores and refresh skin.
  11. Optional: Follow with a good aftershave balm (like Dr K's Aftershave for Men) or an aqueous lotion – avoid the use of alcohol-based aftershave products which dry out the skin.
  12. Rinse shaving brush and razor well to remove cut hairs and foam. Shake excess water from shaving brush, stand upright on its handle and allow to dry naturally. Allow shaving soap to dry uncovered between uses.

      Instructions are also available on the products